Tradition and culture in Sweden

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Sweden is one of the most interesting countries in Europe. It's not only the majestic nature from the South to the North, the old cities of mighty kings, the little red cottages all over the country and the thousands of lakes, in Sweden which seduce our visitors, you'll find also traditions which go back to the Vikings and let you discover a time of mystery you'll never forget.
We at Press Agency Sweden know all parts of the country, its history, its secrets and we live with the Swedish traditions. This is why we can offer you all information you'll need for your newspaper, your magazine or your journal. But we are also able to write the articles and to deliver the photos you try to find desperately, just tell us what you need and we give you the price.

Midsummer (St John's Day) in Sweden

We cover, of course, also the most important traditions like the mythical Midsummer with the frog dance, Walpurgis night with the bonfires, the Student carnivals, Lucia in December and Christmas with all the famous Christmas fairs from the South of Sweden to the North beyond the pole circle.
If you are more interested in Swedish food traditions, just contact us, we can tell you more about the famous Swedish Cinnamon buns, the Swedish semla, the Crayfish parties and the occasions when the Swedes are supposed to drink a lot of alcohol and just a little part of them rests sober, for different reasons.