What happens in Sweden?

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We are not a news agency in common sense and don't cover all the news of Sweden. The news we propose concern exclusively facts with a major interest for media outside the Swedish territory. If you're interested in serious facts, we are your partner, if you want to write about the latest gossips of the royal family, just write what you've heard about it. In our opinion a press agency should never distribute gossip or fake news. By the way, we aren't stalkers or paparazzi either.

Alice Bah Kuhnke, Minister for Culture, at the Bookfair in Gothenburg

On the other hand do we know that foreign media not always know the background information necessary to write a good paper. In these cases we can help you and give you the details you need for a serious journalism. We are always open to help media to deliver profound articles to their readers and support newspapers, magazines and journals which know what real information means.

Press Agency Sweden is specialised in travel, events, culture and sports in Sweden, even if we follow also the Swedish politics. In this area we only offer however those news which concern the European politics or the World politics. If you are interested in special news, even in a local level, let us know, we'll tray to help you in any case.