Major events in Sweden with international interest

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There is no week in Sweden without an important event, a Trade Fair, or a festival, most of them of international interest. Only the three biggest cities of Sweden (Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö) offer within a month more events than some other countries all year round, just because the Swedes like action and meetings, they are curious and have a life outside their home. Swedes want to meet other people and are communicative.
Sure, you'll find in Sweden the common events like a Book Fair, Motor shows and important photo exhibitions, but there is a lot more to discover in Sweden, events you can't find in other countries. Working with Press Agency Sweden gives you the opportunity to present Sweden much better to your readers than others newspapers and magazines. We can help you to be one step before others.

Stockholm Pride

In the summertime most Swedish cities organise a festival just to mark the end of the summer and all summer activities and all the free time. Within one week you can taste the food of different countries, listen to singers from different countries and enjoy hundreds of activities without any costs. Only a few days later the majority of the Swedes have to go back to their working place and to live with the conscience that the daylight will be shorter and shorter.
Some of the events you won't find in other countries than Sweden are the dancing cranes at Lake Hornborga, the Nordic Oyster Opening championship, the Hova Medieval Week, the food exhibition Taste of Sweden and the International Science Festival, to name some of these events. Maybe you are also interested in the Stockholm Pride, which shows that Sweden became one of Europe's most gay-friendly countries.