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Sweden counts only ten million of inhabitants, but represents the third-largest country in the European Union by area. The country is divided in 25 landscapes which all have an own history and keep their own culture awake, even if all parts of Sweden respect the same law and follow the rules of the parliament in Stockholm. Nevertheless, all landscapes keep an own identity and their specific traditions.
Sweden can be divided into three types of climate and 15 percent of the country lies north of the Arctic Circle, where you can find some of the most important nature reserves of the northern hemisphere. After the ice age parts of Sweden has risen 800 meters and created tall cliffs, and even Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, was born when the pressure of the ice disappeared. This is why Sweden is unique and worth a longer stay, and why it's worth to show your readers a country which never ends to change.

A visit in Jamtli, Östersund, Sweden

Press Agency Sweden can help you to present a mystical Sweden where different cultures left their traces, to form a country of contradictions, but which is capable to show a unity, even if the prejudices, cultivated in different countries of the world, shall never disappear. We don't only know Sweden and the different regions, we went up the mountains, went to places deep in the forest and visited all the 290 municipalities to see the monuments and to talk to the inhabitants.
If you want to present Sweden to your readers, contact us and tell us which part of the country you're interested in, we have the informations you need, have stocked thousands and thousands of photos, and we can take the pictures no one took before us, if you want to. Press Agency Sweden is not a desk agency, we go there where you need us. Of cause, there are limits, because we have to respect the Swedish law and "keep out" means in Sweden "keep out".